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Helping you to recycle more and landfill less


Our aim at CTR Enviro is quite simple: help businesses to recycle more and landfill less.


In fact CTR Enviro goes one step further in recycling your corporate waste, we reuse it!


In some instances corporate waste has simply reached the end of its life and there is no value or avenue for recycling. With such items it’s simply irresponsible for business’s to landfill reusable resources when processes exist for taking a ‘spent’ product and breaking it down for re-manufacture or alternative usage.


And this is exactly the service we offer for our partners.


Whether it’s old tyres, spent toner cartridges, plastics from CDs / DVDs to name a few, they can be shredded or granulated and 100% reused through remanufacturing routes, resulting in no landfill or incineration, ZERO waste and 100% reuse.

Customer service is our strength, our years in the recycling business have helped us develop a sound business practice which is based upon fundamental essentials :

Our growth in the market place has been slow and steady resulting in tried and tested business practices yet our strengths lie in being innovative, forward looking, evolving and responsive to both our clients and the market place. 


Based centrally in the UK, we are well placed to offer a countrywide service and our collection rounds can be customised for efficiency and tailored to meet the needs of your business.


With state of the art machinery, and un-phased by large volumes, CTR Enviro can provide a full waste management service to tackle a variety of corporate waste issues, all with a single point of contact.


Happy to work with smaller organisations right through to NHS, Government and Local authorities we provide a sound environmental solution for corporate waste as you move toward the goal of ‘ZERO to landfill.’

Destruction of counterfeit and seized goods
Data destruction and wiping
ZERO to landfill
Plastic granulation and shredding
Toner cartridge disposal
Tyre Shredding


Whilst recycling has become a familiar subject on boardroom agendas with most businesses forging ahead and implementing recycling programmes, we have to prompt the question: “Is your business doing enough and what does the true picture of your recycling programme look like?”


Can you be certain that those corporate disposal routes are as good as they could be? Do you know where your waste really ends up?


At CTR Enviro we understand the importance of your ‘Duty of Care’ and how an audit trail and accompanying paperwork are essential for traceability, which is why our closed loop recycling service is fully audited, offering you transparency and peace of mind, so you know for sure.



With the UK producing around 55 million waste tyres a year it’s no surprise that legislation is in place to ensure that businesses generating waste tyres are bound by the Governments’ ‘Waste Duty of care’ ** document. 


It’s imperative to meet these requirements in order to avoid fines or prosecution, but ticking that box is only the first step in meeting your corporate and social responsibilities.


Choosing a disposal partner who can demonstrate transparency, traceability and accountability is equally important.

One of the biggest issues facing tyre disposal schemes are rogue operators whose practices include selecting tyres for retread then dumping lifeless tyres and burning waste or exporting abroad for burning - all of which is far from best practice and harmful for the environment. 


Therefore it’s important to go one stage further; take responsibility for where your end of life tyres actually end up, ask questions about where these tyres go, can this be evidenced through paperwork along the chain?


By working with a  partner in the Responsible Recycler Scheme you are guaranteed to work with a company operating a robust system which can outline compliance throughout the disposal chain. Not only are they regularly inspected and comply with current legislation, they hold a  Registered Waste carriers licence and all collections are documented and recorded on a Controlled Waste Transfer note.

Toner Cartridge Recycling



The life of a toner cartridge is limited, and dependant on the make of your toner cartridge it’s possible that it can be refilled and then reused. An average rule of thumb suggests that most cartridges can be refilled up to 3 times.


Where cartridges can no longer be refilled, or in the case of copies or remanufactured cartridges, the question arises of what to do with the spent cases.


Classified as hazardous chemical waste, it’s illegal for these waste toner cartridges to be dumped in landfill sites, which is why it’s important to find a responsible way for your business to dispose of used toner cartridges and ensure you’re compliant with current legislation.


At CTR enviro we are able to provide a closed loop recycling solution which manages the process of disposing of your toner cartridges from start to finish in a compliant, environmentally sound manner.


Authorised to manage hazardous waste, CTR enviro has formulated a process which offers 100% reuse with ZERO waste to landfill.

What happens to the toner cartridges we collect?


Each used toner cartridge is broken down to its core component, separating plastic, metal and toner powder for reuse. Recovered plastic is channelled back into the manufacturing chain where it is reused, metal is either reused or melted for new product and toner powder and dust is being widely used in the construction industry.


Working to current UK standards the process takes place here in the UK and is fully compliant with UK legislation, to this end we are able to provide full documentation to satisfy the environment agency that your business is meeting its ‘Duty of Care’ in the disposal of your waste toner cartridges.


We’re happy to provide more information about our service, simply contact us today on 0800 294 55 84 




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Tyre Collection Service

CTR enviro offers a flexible service dependant on the needs of your business.


Drop off service - local businesses with smaller quantities will benefit from our drop in facility.

Regular collection service - suits small to mid size users. Companies who have regular volumes can benefit from our collection rounds which operates 5 days per week. 

Trailer Placement - where companies generate large amounts of spent tyres we can arrange for a trailer to be dropped in place and regular pick ups arranged.

What happens to the tyres we collect?

Once back at CTR enviro, all tyres are subject to the same treatment: the wire is stripped out of each tyre and bundled ready for reuse. The remaining rubber is then processed, dependant on the demands of end user, to provide rubber mulch, crumb rubber or fine rubber powder.


The various degrees of rubber granules recovered from the waste tyres can then be used across a wide variety of applications such as road surfacing, playgrounds, sports surfaces, plants and garden applications, to name but a few of its potential uses.


However the shredded rubber ends up being used, the important point here is that every last scrap of the tyre is 100% recycled. Nothing goes to landfill, nothing is burnt, nothing is dumped, nothing is exported. 


CTR enviro produces ZERO WASTE. FACT!