CTR Enviro has a simple policy at it's core: to send nothing to landfill. Which means we are committed to finding a solution for every situation which can relieve the impact on our planet by reducing waste and preventing landfill, so our mission is to help businesses to recycle more and landfill nothing. In fact, CTR Enviro goes one step further in recycling your corporate waste - we reuse it!


It is fast becoming the responsibility of the retailer / manufacturer to take ownership of the items they produce and offer solutions for end of life or discarded and unwanted items.


And this is exactly the service we offer for our partners.

CTR Enviro specialise with initiatives online or in-store take back schemes which not only off set your carbon footprint but also when used effectively can drive sales


Whether it’s textiles, plastic coat hangers, spent printer and toner cartridges, plastics from CDs / DVDs to name a few, they can be shredded or granulated and 100% reused through remanufacturing routes, resulting in no landfill or incineration, ZERO waste and 100% reuse. And it's all done right here in the UK.


Customer service is our strength, our years in the recycling business have helped us develop a sound business practice which is based upon fundamental essentials .

Our growth in the market place has been slow and steady resulting in tried and tested business practices yet our strengths lie in being innovative, forward looking, evolving and responsive to both our clients and the market place. 


Based centrally in the UK, we are well placed to offer a countrywide service and our collection rounds can be customised for efficiency and tailored to meet the needs of your business.


With state of the art machinery and unphased by large volumes, CTR Enviro can provide a full waste management service to tackle a variety of corporate waste issues from; stock returns, end of lines, overruns and damaged goods right through to end of life products. 


Happy to work with smaller organisations right through to NHS, Government and Local authorities we provide a sound environmental solution for corporate waste as you move toward the goal of ‘ZERO to landfill.’

Forest Trees

CTR Envrio

Helping businesses achieve 

ZERO to landfill









Reduce overheads, resources and handling costs that erode your margins.

Offer competitive rebates

Protect your brand integrity and ensure sales channels are unaffected.

Redistribute stock worldwide through our established contacts. Keeping products from entering certain markets.

Offer national coverage

All items are sorted and graded from our UK sites.

Secure and certified destruction available

We can find a reuse route for almost all items, in particular demand are:

  • Clothing 

  • Footwear

  • Soft furnishings

  • Bric-a-brac

  • Home and travel items

  • Electrical items

  • Toys


Whilst recycling has become a familiar subject on boardroom agendas with most businesses forging ahead and implementing recycling programmes, we have to prompt the question: “Is your business doing enough and what does the true picture of your recycling programme look like?”


Can you be certain that those corporate disposal routes are as good as they could be? Do you know where your waste really ends up?


At CTR Enviro we understand the importance of your ‘Duty of Care’ and how an audit trail and accompanying paperwork are essential for traceability, which is why our closed loop recycling service is fully audited, offering you transparency and peace of mind, so you know for sure.